It was february 2002 when I got the first contact with Aikido. My father told me about a martial art called Aikido. The next day I found myself searching for a Dojo in Erlangen, Germany. under the direction of Nicki Schwierzock.  After a quick search on the www I found the right Dojo for a first try, the Takemusu Aiki-Dojo Erlangen, under the direction of Nicki Schwierzock Sensei, 6. Dan. On a friday in february 2002 I went for a first training and liked it from the beginning. Until the next training I bought myself a Kimono and I was ready to start my Aikido career.

In september 2002 Daniel Toutain Sensei, 6. Dan, was invited to our Dojo. At that time I did not know that Daniel Toutain Sensei was a direct student of Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9. Dan.

It was my father who insisted to participate to this seminar. To be honest, the showed techniques where out of my league, but, when I saw Daniel Toutain for the first time I thought “He’s really a Sensei, that’s the Aikido I want to learn”. And Aikido became from a freetime activity a big love in my life.

Now, 12 years after my first babysteps in Aikido I am looking back to a lot of seminars with big names in Aikido like Paolo Corallini, Hitohiro Saito, Ulf Evenas and Bill Witt. It was for sure a big opportunity to see different masters, but in the end I always came back to Daniel Toutain, with 10 summercamps in France, 5 Uchi Deshi seminars in Belgium and over 15 seminar with him.

In 2009 I passed my Shodan in Auray, France, in front of over 100 other Aikidokas. 3 years later I passed the Nidan examination.

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